Dear Corporate Customers,

Hiring new employees can be a difficult and costly process.
Japanese businesses, given Japan’s perceived history of “lifetime employment” face unique challenges in this area, as do foreign companies doing business in the Japanese market.
Employees, candidates and individuals from other countries have never had the expectation that they would work for a single company as long as their Japanese counterparts might, so they tend to be better versed in the process of changing jobs.  Résumés are kept up-to-date, business meetings with people from other companies are viewed as potential employment interviews and they may even impose a “move up or move on” schedule upon their own career.  Unlike Japan, the process of changing employers is seen as a basic employee skill.

This is hardly the norm in Japan.  Japanese job-seekers, no matter how skilled they are in their particular field, tend to be lacking in networking and employment research skills and not know how to go about finding the best position when the time is right. Bridging this gap is what Solnet does.

General Practice

After practicing as headhunters a number of years in several different areas, we assure you that our coverage in terms of the range of industries, geographical areas and the candidates we can introduce is very wide.

IT Industry

One of the fields where Solnet performs the best is information and technology sector. Most of our consultants are from the IT industry with solid expertise comprising infrastructure, network, SI, relevant consulting business, covering various ranges of positions such as top management, engineer, sales, marketing, etc.

Scouting/ Headhunting

Solnet’s principal method is headhunting and scouting. We do not deal with massive amount of companies, but we work closely for selected number of client-companies we can build trustworthy relationship with. Instead of introducing massive amount of candidates, we only introduce individuals who meet the requirements of our client-companies after careful screening.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out how a relationship with Solnet will benefit your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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