Dear Job Seekers,

Solnet is a company with highly experienced consultants who are eager to assist your career development. Our expertise shines the most when you are considering companies with global reach and/ or venture-business entities.

When you change jobs, you need to take quite a few items into consideration such as salary, stock options, companies’ global competency, company color, companies’ future prospects, the future of the position that you are trying out for. Many of these aspects can be in fact attractive in foreign companies and/or start-up companies where our full capacity may be shown.

If you have no clear picture for your future career in long/short term, that is alright. In case you have slightest interest for positive change in your professional life, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultation is free of charge for you. Below is the usual flow of our service menu.


First contact with Solnet  - via e-mail or telephone

Please make your first contact with Solet through the channel you feel comfortable with.
We select a consultant who is suitable to your case then he/she will respond to you.


Face-to-face consultation

The designated consultant assists you in drawing your future career plan.
In doing so, your consultant gives you detailed advice in relation with your resume, interview and many other important points to be noted.


Introduction of comapnies/ positions

Your consultant introduces to you companies/ positions that may be of your scope of interest. He/ she provides you with detailed information including hiring background, expected profile of candidates both in experience wise and personality wise.


Application for the position

As soon as your motivation is confirmed, we submit your resume to the targed company, accompanied by our recommendation letter.


Arrangement for the interview

Your consultant coordinates the interview(s) with the targeted company. He/ she instructs you beforehand so that you can give your best of performance for the big day(s). You will be notified of the results accordingly though your consultant.


Offer letter… and joining your dreamed company !

Your consultant negotiates and settels your salary and other conditions, coordinates the day of your entrance into the company.

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