Solnet was founded on January 1st, 2011. We are a group of career consultants with a number of years of experience in the field, gained through one of the top agencies in Japan.

Our mission is to read rapidly changing market needs accurately and swiftly so that we can provide you (either as a company or an individual) with the best assistance possible in terms of hiring and job hunting.

Whether you’re a company looking to fill a position, or an individual seeking a position that will effectively use your strengths, these are the how-and-why reasons that Solnet will be your ideal partner.

■ Strength – Awareness and Aptitude for Global Business

It has become an ever-increasing requirement for business professionals to understand that they are exposed to a border-less world and are expected to adjust themselves to a multi-national/ multi-lingual environment.

Companies, regardless of their nationality or the nature of their business, are more and more in need of manpower who understand this current and future necessity and can excel in the face of these challenges.

Solnet focuses on this. All of our consultants have had experience in well-respected companies

world-wide, or in international environments where they have acquired a global business acumen. We do our best to create opportunities for both client-companies and candidates to meet, so that through our service both their needs and wants will be satisfied.

 Information and Technology Excellence

One of the fields in which we give the best performance is the IT sector. We have a team dedicated to this industry because IT client-companies require a thorough screening of candidates with a high degree of accuracy.

In order to respond to this need, our IT team members devote themselves to monitoring the changing market, responding its movements, understanding hiring requirements and presenting the best suited position to the candidate and best the suited candidate to the position under consideration.

Our introduction of candidates to client-companies and/ or introduction of client-companies to candidates is not superficial, but practical and meaningful, which can be realized as a search-based approach differing far from the mass matchmaking method.

Our Faith

We are aware of the weight of responsibility we carry for those who are hiring and those who are changing jobs.

Our job is to find and introduce candidates to our client-companies where they will become a productive asset. At the same time, a well-placed candidate will fully realize themselves professionally by joining the companies that we present as they gain a real sense of professional satisfaction from their new workplace.

Here at Solnet, we are eager to establish a long lasting relationship with both corporate and individual customers by doing this better than anyone else.

Minoru Matsunaga, President